Working with the Army

The Colleges’ Partnership is justifiably proud of its success in winning and managing tendered Apprenticeship programmes, and its relationship with the British Army.

We operate under a number of contracts to the Directorate of Educational and Training Services (Army) in both the UK and Germany and have developed a close working relationship with the Army at all levels. In order for an Apprenticeship programme to be successful each assessor needs to be a subject matter specialist in the particular disciplines required. In the case of the Royal Corps of Signals for example, we deliver Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships in Telecommunications and our assessors are telecommunications specialists, each of whom has continued their professional development and many of whom have previously served in the Army.

The Colleges’ Partnership is proud to work with the following:


The Infantry

The Royal Corps of Signals

The Defence Medical Services

The Intelligence Corps


How does it work?

In each of the above examples the employer continues to deliver and manage its technical trade skills training to its apprentices using its own training team. 

The Colleges’ Partnership provides:

  • Learner induction
  • Functional Skills (English, Mathematics, Information Communication Technology)
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • National Vocational Qualification assessment and certification
  • Technical Certificate
  • Qualified Assessors and Internal Verifiers who are relevant subject matter specialists
  • Administrative personnel and Management Information Systems support to manage the contractual and financial requirements of Apprenticeship programmes.
  • Relevant IT infrastructure to support the delivery of Functional Skills training elements

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