What is Prevent?

Prevent is part of the national counter-terrorism strategy and aims to stop people being drawn into or supporting terrorism. Part 5, Chapter 1 of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, places a duty on certain bodies, including providers of education or training, listed in Schedule 6, to have ‘due regard to the need to prevent people being drawn into terrorism’.

What do the key terms mean?

Extremism – vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs
Ideology – a set of beliefs
Terrorism – A violent action against people or property, designed to create fear and advance a political, religious or ideological cause
Radicalisation – The process by which a person comes to support extremism and terrorism

What are our responsibilities?


From July 2015 schools, colleges and other organisations as listed in Schedule 6 have a duty to safeguard children and young adults from radicalisation and extremism.
This means we have a responsibility to protect them from extremist and violent views. We can also provide a safe and encouraging environment in which to:

• Explore other cultures and religions and promote diversity
• Challenge prejudices and racist comments
• Develop critical thinking skills and a strong, positive self-identity
• Promote the spiritual, moral, social and culture development of our learners along with British values

What are the indicators?

• Quick to Anger
• Intolerant
• Closed-mindedness
• Attitude to Women/ ethnic groups/ armed forces
• Verbose
• Isolated
• Physical Change – clothing, tattoos
• Spreading messages
• Overt new religious practices
• Change in attitude
• Non-attendance
• Fall in work standard – disengagement
• Asking of questions around certain topics

What action should you take?


Inform a member of the Safeguarding committee or a Designated Safeguarding Person. Concerns will be dealt with in accordance with The Colleges’ Partnership Prevent Policy and associated procedures  

What are the British values?

• Democracy
• The rule of law
• Individual liberty
• Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Safeguarding Committee


Mia Bousfield                  01258 457085        
Graham Bannister          0780 9306212        
Kimberley Bates             01258 457086        
Steve Burrows                0777 02253609     
Terry Davies                   0788 5367870        

Designated Safeguarding Persons

Mia Bousfield               01258 457085             
Sue Burton                   07856687254             
Harry Griffin                  07738 543750            
Martin Johnson             07702 253580            
Rebecca Upshall          01258 457084            


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